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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Welcome to Chatter Creek Snowcat Skiing . This site introduces the men and women who operate Chatter Creek and make it such a delightful spot for a winter ski vacation. In five years, Chatter Creek has become well known for providing a superior backcountry powder skiing experience. Chatter Creek has developed a devoted clientelle who return year after year, largely due to the excellence of the staff. That and the wonderful powder skiing available in the 130 sq. km Chatter Creek cat skiing tenure.

For more information about the Chatter Creek staff, look at the Chatter Creek Staff at Play site. Also, please look at Chatter Creek Summer Crew and the Chatter Crew at Work photo galleries. You will see many of the Winter staff hard at work on the lodge construction projects.

Scroll down (best) to meet the Chatter Creek winter staff and to see lots of candid staff photos, or use the following links: Andrew Prosser    Brenda Lenahan    Carly Caplette  Ceri (Keri) Willott  Charlotte Visser   Chris Hacker  Christoph Lotter  Dale McKnight   Dan Josephson   Dani Loewenstein  Dave Healey   Don Norosky  Herb Bleuer   Ian Kirschner   Ilyssa Madge  Isabelle Thibeault   Jerry Cook  John Dougall  Jubilee Cacaci   Julie Piercey  Ken Black   Lori Larwill   Kristen Page   Kristi Easton  Marc Beleyme  Merle McKnight   Mike McKnight   Nichola Gilbert  Todd Nunn   Pete Tashman   Pete Willott   Tara Atkinson   Tim Widmer  Tyler Mills  .  

This Ski Weblog (blog) is part of the Chatter News family of photo galleries about cat skiing and cat boarding at Chatter Creek.


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